Neat. Saudi Arabia Customised Wrapper


Bespoke creative agency neat. recently placed an order of customised wrappers from our chocolate making team, selecting the delicious 62% Rose bar to offer to thier favourite people – wrapped in artwork taking much inspiration from the season.

We asked neat. a few questions about their adventure with us into chocolate wrappers, to share the experience with you!

Mirzam: Tell us a little bit about neat.

neat.: neat. is a creative consultancy that help entrepreneurs, SME’s and new ventures achieve their business objectives. What differentiates us is our methodology and approach (we are very design-led in our strategy and our core focus is on high-level marketing). Our introductory slogan kind of sets the tone for our client engagement – “Nice To neat. You!”. We offer bespoke branding, marketing, planning and operations, as well as content and event consulting services.

Mirzam: What is the inspiration/idea behind your wrapper design?

neat.: we wanted to embody the spirit of Ramadan, but also be more creative about the execution and stay away from the standard cookie-cutter mosaic and quarter moon symbols (although we did incorporate those elements into the design in a fresher more unique way).

A lot of the dates that determine when Ramadan is to commence and/or end depend entirely upon the moon and stars, so we know we wanted to anchor the design to these natural elements.

Our corporate colors are basic black and white, so we stuck with the monochromatic look, while integrating fun aspects through the symbols created and the way in which they were placed. We also did not limit the creative freedom of our designer, as we believe it is important for them to be without boundaries. They were given a basic brief and the liberty to design whatever came to mind :).

Mirzam: What will you be using the chocolate bars for?

neat.: These chocolate bars are corporate gifts for our valued clients and partners for Ramadan. We like to show our appreciation while also displaying how neat. is a different, innovative and creative consulting firm, and this ethos is trickled down across every aspect of our operations including our giveaways.

We look forward to continue collaborating with talented artists and organizations with great vision.