The Factory – Mirzam


1: Cocoa Plantation

Growing only in a corridor 20 degrees either side of the equator, we have journeyed to plantations along the delicious spice route to find cocoa beans. Cocoa pods are tree ripened and harvested by hand in the countries of our single origin bars.

2: The Voyage

The voyage begins with shipping to one of the busiest spice trading ports in the world; Dubai.

3: Bean Sorting

Once the beans have arrived at our Factory, we sort through every batch by hand to ensure our exceptional quality.

4: Roasting

Gentle roasting transforms the beans, bringing out their full flavours. Cocoa beans roast at a much lower temperature than coffee, and the time spent here varies between the origins of the beans.

5: Winnowing

Our winnowing machine separates the light outer husk from the dark cocoa bean nibs inside, by breaking the beans, then blowing air over them.

6: Grinding

Using two circular granite stones, we grind the beans in small batches for several days, creating smooth, liquid chocolate. After this process is complete, the chocolate is aerated by conching – that can also take several days.


7: Tempering

The final part of the journey for our chocolate, before it is ready to be poured into moulds, is tempering. This process encourages the cocoa butter to stratify; creating shiny chocolate that doesn’t melt on your fingers.


8: Wrapping

9: Tasting

Taste our diverse spiced and single origin chocolate bars in our Factory and discover how every plantation produces a unique flavour notes.

Visit our Factory in Alserkal Avenue – Dubai, and experience for yourself
every stage of chocolate making.