Spiced Bar Monsters Collection

189.00 Dhs

Our complete ‘Monsters’ collection of spiced chocolate bars. Inspired by the maritime Spice Route that saw the flavours of the orient make their way to the West, each bar has been infused with delicious ingredient that could very likely have been found in the Eastern spice souks.

To protect the highly prized sources of their spices, the merchants concocted tales of monsters that had been encountered during the journey. Inspired by these stories, each of these spiced bars features a different hand drawn monster on its wrapper.

Spiced Bars: Complete Maps Collection (all infused in 62% Single Origin Dark Chocolate made with cocoa beans from Ghana):

  • Rose
  • Orange & Cinnamon
  • Dates & Fennel
  • Figs, Star Anise & Cinnamon
  • Coffee & Cardamom
    • THE BOX:
      Presented in our favourite black recyclable Kraft paper box, ideal for gifting – or for keeping!


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