The 5/5: Ten Box Set

185.00 Dhs

A set of ten 5/5 boxes: containing 5 pieces of our ‘bean to bite’ craft chocolate squares in each. These little boxes are perfect gifts for friends & customers, or arranged at your dinner table for dessert.

These ten boxes each contains one of each one bite of the following chocolates. All up, that’s 50 bites of chocolate:

  • 62% Dark Chocolate with Rose
  • 52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt
  • 62% Dark Chocolate with Moroccan Mint Tea
  • White Chocolate with Saffron
  • 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate:┬áMadagascar


Presented in a set of ten boxes, made in our signature black kraft card paper, and fastened with our herringbone cotton ribbon.


Prefer to have just squares of 52% Dark Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt? This selection can be ordered as described – or get in touch with us to personalise your tray, with your favourites from our collection.



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