62% Dark Chocolate with Coffee & Cardamom

37.00 Dhs

Across the Middle East, families create and grind their signature coffee blends, served to guests with a blend of spices, ‘Gahwa’.

Taking our queue from this tradition, and the strong coffee trading history from this region (Mocha in Yemen was for a long time the worlds busiest port for coffee) we have created this delicious recipe.

This bar is made with 62% single origin dark chocolate infused with cardamom and freshly roasted coffee (from a local Dubai roaster around the corner).

Like all our dark chocolate bars, this bar is made entirely from cocoa bean to delicious bar at our Alserkal Avenue space, is gluten free, vegan friendly – and contains only natural spices for flavor.

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter, Arabica coffee beans, cardamom.



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