Bean to Bites: Create Your Favourite Selection

From: 150.00 Dhs

DESCRIPTION: Bean to Bites: Mix your own selection

Our delicious bites are little squares of chocolate, made in the same hand crafted process from bean to bar at our boutique factory spaces. A variety of single origin dark chocolate, spiced milk chocolate and spiced white chocolate options are available.

  • White Chocolate with Saffron
  • White Chocolate with Orange Blossom and Roasted Almond
  • Dark Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate with Moroccan Mint
  • Dark Chocolate with Coffee & Cardamom
  • Dark Chocolate with Rose
  • Dark Chocolate with Orange & Cinnamon
  • 65% Single Origin Dark Chocolate: India
  • 65% Single Origin Dark Chocolate: Vietnam
  • 72% Single Origin Dark Chocolate: Madagascar
  • 85% Single Origin Dark Chocolate: Cuba

Mix up your own selection of favourite bites! Each portion selected is a set of ten bites.

Minimum quantity applies: five portions.


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