Oni: A Monsoon Collaboration


The Monsoon season springs from countries such as India that provide us with fruits and spices uniquely linked to the season inspiring our new chocolate collection and their colourful wrappers.

Our Monsoon journey led us to Oni, born from the love of India creating handmade, earth-friendly fabrics.  The founders of Oni have travelled to India many times leading to them falling deeper in love with India and its vibrant patterned fabrics.

As we are transparent in our chocolate making process Oni is a slow fashion business which is a better quality transparent industry, customers would know where their fabrics are coming from and how they are handmade.

Oni’s fabrics are currently hanging on our factory walls bringing us a piece of India to welcome our Monsoon collection.

Visit a piece of India at Mojo Gallery Warehouse 33 at Alserkal Avenue.


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