Let your Imagination Run Wild with Ctrl.Alt.Dxb


Art comes in different shapes and forms; whether it’s paintings, photography or writing. We here at Mirzam appreciate art in all its ways and find roads that lead us to support such creative minds within the region leading us to Ctrl.Alt.Dxb.

Ctrl.Alt.Dxb is a magazine/blog that celebrates Art and Culture in the region, the aim is to make art and culture more accessible to everyone; millennia’s, youth, expats etc.  To push this agenda Ctrl.Alt.Dxb has come up with a writing competition urging everyone to get in touch with their inner J.K Rowling.

The competition is quite simple, anyone can send in their work as long as it’s fiction and within 500 words before the deadline which is the 31st of July.

There will be winners and this is where Mirzam comes in, we love Ctrl.Alt.Dxb’s mission and wanted to be a part of it. The prize will include a box of Mirzam’s Single Origin chocolate, if you love writing and chocolate this is the right platform for your creativity to run wild.

Find out more about the competition at Ctrl.Alt.Dxb


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